about us

CSP Architectural Metals is a custom architectural metals supplier based in San Ramon, CA, focusing primarily on exterior metal cladding systems.  We can provide the design, engineering, and fabrication of custom architectural metal cladding systems. 

Our systems are primarily utilized in applications involving metal wall panels, soffits, columns, screen walls, sunshades, and other exterior cladding elements.  CSP systems are also suitable for interior cladding applications use such as wall panels, ceilings, columns, and beam cladding. 

The various cladding systems provided by CSP offer a range of architectural finishes.  Systems are available with KYNAR painted aluminum, Anodized aluminum, Embossed stainless steel, Porcelain Enamel steel, and Zinc finishes.

The systems utilizing the above finishes have been engineered and tested to meet performance requirements mandated by Building Codes, and recognized industry standards for high performance curtainwall systems.

CSP has included typical details and guideline specifications in the website for the various systems that we offer.  Additional details for unique conditions and specifications tailored to meet needs for a specific application or performance criteria can also be provided.

If you would like to contact us directly, we can also provide assistance with system selection based on respective advantages, disadvantages, and budget considerations.

We would look forward to providing you information for your next project!